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Gravity Probe B

Testing Einstein's Universe

GP-B Technology Stories

NOTE: The contents of this page are still under developmnet. Check back soon for more technology stories.

Below are descriptions and links to a number of stories about amazing GP-B technologies.

The GP-B Cryopump: Sintered Titaniaum Flypaper

In order to maximize the performance of the gyros and maintain their extraordinarily low characteristic spin-down periods (time required to slow down to ~37% of their initial rotation speeds) of greater than 10,000 years, it was essential to draw as many of the remaining helium molecules as possible away from the gyro rotors and housings. This is the main purpose of the cryopump.

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Gas Management Assembly (GMA)


Manufacturing & Testing Precision Spheres for GP-B


The Pre-Launch Replacement of Flight Gyro #4


The GP-B Micro Thrusters: Precision Pointing & Drag-Free Flight


The Dewar's Porous Plug—Liquid In, Vapor Out