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Gravity Probe B

Testing Einstein's Universe

Special & General Relativity Questions and Answers

What is 'sub-space'?

It is a subset of a larger space in which all the same arithmetic operations are possible, but in which the results of these operations are always still elements within the sub-space. Example, in 3-d space we can form 2-d planes. these 2-d planes are called sub-spaces of the full 3-d space. If you are a science fiction reader, subspaces are a cool name, but there is no way you would want to exit 3-d space and enter a 2-d 'sub-space' just to get to a nearby star!

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All answers are provided by Dr. Sten Odenwald (Raytheon STX) for the NASA Astronomy Cafe, part of the NASA Education and Public Outreach program.