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Gravity Probe B

Testing Einstein's Universe

Press & Media

Program Overview, Detailed Summary and Fact Sheet

GP-B in a Nutshell Info Brochure

GP-B in a Nutshell

"GP-B in a Nutshell" is a two-page PDF document that provides a concise overview of the program, briefly summarizing its history, the flight mission and experiment, the science and technology, spinoffs, and program status as of mid-2008.

Executive Summary, Preface & Spacecraft Info

Preface, Executive Summary & Quick Facts (from GP-B Final Report to NASA)

This 28-page document covers the same content as the GP-B in a Nutshell overview above, but in much greater detail. This document was excerpted and assembled from the 630-page GP-B Post-Flight Analysis, Final Report to NASA.

GP-B/NASA Fact Sheet

GP-B/NASA Fact Sheet

This is a standard NASA Fact Sheet summarizing the GP-B experiment and mission. The original four-page version was prepared prior to launch and included in a GP-B Press Kit package. In 2005, while the GP-B flight mission was well underway, this fact sheet was updated and augmented to six pages. This document, while accurate, is less up-to-date than either the Nutshell or Executive Summary described above.


GP-B Electronic Press Kit

GP-B Pre-Launch Press Kit

This 68-page electronic press kit was developed for distribution to the press and media during the GP-B spacecraft launch in April 2004. As of 2008, the science and technology sections of this press kit are still valid, but other parts, such as media contacts and media services information are now out of date and/or invalid.

News Releases & News Stories

Because GP-B has been a joint collaboration between Stanford University, NASA and Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Company, at various milestones in the program's history, each of these institutions has issued its own news releases and/or news stories. The links to such releases and stories below are thus organized by institution and by date in reverse chronological order.

GP-B News Releases from Stanford News Service

GP-B News Stories from Stanford News Service

NASA News Releases

Lockheed Martin News Releases & Stories

Selected Newspaper, Magazine and Television Feature Stories

Following are links to selected feature stories about GP-B that have appeared in major newspapers and magazines over the years. In those cases where we have been granted permission to reproduce a story, the link will go to a local PDF or Flash video file that you can view or download. All other links go to the respective Web sites of the newspaper, magazine or television network in which the story was published. Note that over time, some of these links may become invalid due to Web site revisions.

GP-B Photos & Artwork

The Image Gallery on this Web site contains a comprehensive collection of GP-B photos and artwork. The images have been categorized (e.g. gyroscope photos, spacecraft photos, facilities, photos, drawings & illustrations, etc.). The images for each category were then grouped into albums. Many of the photos and drawing are captioned. All of the photos and images in the GP-B Image Gallery may be downloaded at no charge and used in news and media stories, publications and for educational purposes.

All of of the photos and images in the gallery are displayed in low-resolution (72 dots-per-inch) format, optimized for Web viewing. However, most—but not all—of the images were originally created in high-resolution (200-600 dots-per-inch) format, and in these cases, you can download the full-resolution version by clicking the disk icon button in the lower right corner of the image display window.

GP-B Animations and Media Files

Our Media Gallery contains a sizeable collection of animations, video clips and audio clips from a variety of sources. As noted below, some of the files in this gallery may be downloaded for your own use, and you may acquire some of the video in this gallery from other sources as indicated. The commercial news stories displayed in this gallery are copyrighted respectively by the news organizations that created them, and they may not be copied or downloaded.


All of the animations and video clips in the Media Gallery are stored in Adobe Flash Video format for viewing in a Web browser, and as such are not downloadable. However, all of the animation files—with the exception of the gyro polhode animation—are also stored in both MPEG-4 (H.264) and Windows Media (WMV) format. If you wish to download and use these animations, you will find links for downloading the MPEG-4 and WMV versions below their respective descriptions in the Animations section of the Media Gallery Index page.

Testing Einstein's Universe Movie and Extracted Video Clips

The movie, Testing Einstein's Universe, and the clips extracted from it are copyrighted by Professor Norbert Bartel. If you wish to acquire and use any footage from this movie, you must contact Professor Bartel to obtain permission and a copy of the video file:

Norbert Bartel
Professor of Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ONT M3J 1P3
Phone: 416-736-5424
Web Site:
Purchase the Testing Einstein's Universe DVD:

Pre-Launch Press Conference, Movie and B-Roll Video Clips

All of the remaining video clips in the Media Gallery—with the exception of Francis Everitt's May 2006 lecture, the 2005 Stanford Community Day video, and the commercial news stories—came from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA Headquarters and/or Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Company. Specifically, the video footage from the GP-B Pre-Launch Press Conference and the GP-B spacecraft launch footage was provided by NASA Headquarters. The Launch Commemorative movie and all of the B-Roll footage was provided by the Television Studio at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. If you wish to obtain a copy of any of this video, please contact the Television Department at NASA Headquarters or Marshall Space Flight Center.

Audio Files

The audio files in the Media Gallery are all stored in MP3 format, and they may be played through a Web browser or downloaded for play on an MP3 player or iPod.