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From Angele's work to the time the spheres for the relativity mission were ready, many people contributed to the effort. We would like to thank all of them, but some should be mentioned by name. Prof. J. Turneaure was a leader in the experiment and much involved in the early days when the laboratory and the project were established. Several students worked under his guidance in developing measurements and analysis software (ref.15). Prof. D.DeBra was always at hand and his Precision Engineering class students, year after year made substantial contributions. Dr. De yu Pan was involved in setting up, performing and analyzing the first measurements. Engineer Ted Ale contribured many designs which were instrumental for the success. Mr. T. Van Hooydonk produced very good fused silica spheres using the original polishing machines. Two graduate students C.Willish and M.Bleckmann (ref.22) and one undergraduate student B.DiDonna (ref.14) completed their theses while working in the laboratory. Student D.Schwartz wrote program which runs Stanford polishing machine.