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 Side view of the beam splitter at the top of the telescope.  Prototype beam splitter array.   Ken Bower with the telescope

Feb. 1998  The detector package assembly is mounted to a fixture for vacuum testing.  Micrograph of the telescope detector array.  The telescope Diode Mount Assembly (DMA) poses next to a dime.  The telescope Diode Mount Assembly (DMA) poses next to a dime.   Telescope detector chip placed over a postage stamp for scale.  prototype telescope  End view of a partially integrated telescope assembly.  Beam splitter array and detector package assemblies mounted on top of the telescope.  Backlit view of a prototype telescope optics.  End view of the GP-B telescope after it had mounted onto the rest of the Science Instrument Assembly. The small black box contains the highly specialized photo detector that will keep track of the guide star. 

June, 1997  Professional photograph of an early telescope model.  Looking down at the top of the telescope's beam splitter array. The two protusions behind the mirror plate contain the Diode Mount Assemblies.  Early assemby of the SIA ( Science Instrument Assembly). The telescope (front) is shown bonded to the integrated quartz block. The gyroscope lines (visible in the back) protrude from the quartz block.   Looking down through the outer window of the probe into the telescope.