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   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Left to right: Gaylord Green (PM), Brad Parkinson (CO-PI), Francis Everitt (PI), Bob Cannon (Founder), Dan DeBra (CO-PI)  Francis Everitt (GP-B Principal Investigator) answers questions at a Stanford Continuing Education Seminar on GP-B in July, 2003.  Rob Brumley (Deputy PM-Technical) and Francis Everitt (PM) display a GP-B gyroscope rotor and housing.  Francis Everitt (PI) and Brad Parkinson (Co-PI) in front of the spacecraft at Vandenberg AFB on Press Day, November 10, 2003.    Brad Parkinson (GP-B Co-PI), Francis Everitt (GP-B PI), Rex Geveden (NASA-MSFC), Jeff Vandenbeukel (LMCO) in front of space vehicle on Press Day at Vandenberg AFB. November 20, 2003.    Dan DeBra  Francis Everitt (left) and Bill Faribank (right).  Left to right: Tom Langenstein (GP-B Deputy PM-Finance), Gwendolyn Brown (NASA CFO), Rex Geveden (Deputy Director, NASA MSFC)  Kim and Rob Nevitt demonstrate the concept of warped spacetime at Stanford Community Day, April, 2003.  Marcie Smith (NASA-Flight Director) and Barry Muhlfelder (GP-B Co-Investigator) in the Mission Operations Center at Stanford. July, 2004.  Shannon Range (Education & Public Outreach Specialist) talks to high school students about GP-B. June, 2004.    Rex Geveden (NASA MSFC) and Francis Everitt (GP-B PI) talking during a break during a Stanford Continuing Education Seminar on GP-B in July, 2003.  GP-B solar array installation team at Vandenberg AFB. March, 2004.   Noriko Low, Jennifer Spencer, and Shannon Range field questions about GP-B on Community Day at Stanford, April, 2003.  Ed Ingraham, NASA Resident Manager at GP-B begins a public seminar on GP-B in July, 2003.