ming luo francis everitt probe managers ben taller the dewerues dave murray integration team
gill novak art visit  Art Stephenson Visit brad parkinson manage team PL Review Team1  Payload review team posing in fron of the payload in FISTOps. PL Review Team2  Payload review team posing in front of the Gravity Probe B Command Module taber reynolds
visit  MSFC Director's Visit     5/23/03 everitt parkinson everitt schiff Brumley-Portrait Stanford Team Leaders FE snapshot-1
SU-ContEd Lect July-03 PICT0238  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA FE-BP-GG-BC-DD  Left to right: Gaylord Green (PM), Brad Parkinson (CO-PI), Francis Everitt (PI), Bob Cannon (Founder), Dan DeBra (CO-PI) Okeefe-Stevens A07  Left to right: Tom Langenstein (GP-B Deputy PM-Finance), Gwendolyn Brown (NASA CFO), Rex Geveden (Deputy Director, NASA MSFC) FE-RB- Sim6 PAO  Rob Brumley (Deputy PM-Technical) and Francis Everitt (PM) display a GP-B gyroscope rotor and housing. Francis and Brad-Press Day  Francis Everitt (PI) and Brad Parkinson (Co-PI) in front of the spacecraft at Vandenberg AFB on Press Day, November 10, 2003. gp-b principals  Brad Parkinson (GP-B Co-PI), Francis Everitt (GP-B PI), Rex Geveden (NASA-MSFC), Jeff Vandenbeukel (LMCO) in front of space vehicle on Press Day at Vandenberg AFB. November 20, 2003.
P6010080  Shannon Range (Education & Public Outreach Specialist) talks to high school students about GP-B. June, 2004. P5270033  Marcie Smith (NASA-Flight Director) and Barry Muhlfelder (GP-B Co-Investigator) in the Mission Operations Center at Stanford. July, 2004. P4060121  Kim and Rob Nevitt demonstrate the concept of warped spacetime at Stanford Community Day, April, 2003. SA inst team-031804  GP-B solar array installation team at Vandenberg AFB. March, 2004. mm 31  Dan DeBra mm 37  Francis Everitt (left) and Bill Faribank (right). su comm day-0403  Noriko Low, Jennifer Spencer, and Shannon Range field questions about GP-B on Community Day at Stanford, April, 2003.
Ed begins his presentation on the history of GP-B  Ed Ingraham, NASA Resident Manager at GP-B begins a public seminar on GP-B in July, 2003. Rex and Francis  Rex Geveden (NASA MSFC) and Francis Everitt (GP-B PI) talking during a break during a Stanford Continuing Education Seminar on GP-B in July, 2003. Francis makes a point  Francis Everitt (GP-B Principal Investigator) answers questions at a Stanford Continuing Education Seminar on GP-B in July, 2003. PL Review Team1 (1) NASA visit 052301  MSFC Director's Visit     5/23/03 Lyons-Brumley-Everitt  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Ed and Rex field questions from the audience
Okeefe-Stevens visit1 Okeefe-Stevens visit2 Okeefe-Stevens visit3 Okeefe-Stevens visit4 Okeefe-Stevens visit5 RG-pre-launch briefing Launch-Ed-Rex-Brad
Ed-Rex-Brad-Francis VAFB-Post-launch Lange-HS Everitt-HS DeBra-HS Cannon-HS GP-B Team Photo-113005
GP-B Team Panorama Schiff-Fairbank-Cannon Parkinson 1.75x2.2 Fairbank-Cannon Everitt-Parkinson Turneaure Geveden2 1.5x2.0-300dpi  Mr.Rex Geveden Chief Engineer NASA Headquarters Washington DC May 10 2005 Photo Credit: NASA/ Bill Ingalls
msfc gpb leaders Lyons 1.5x2.0-300dpi Gaylord 1.5x2-300dpi  MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA OV1.1-msfc gpb leaders Program Mgrs GP-B Co-Investigators GP-B CO-PIs
Deputy Program Mgrs E.Ingraham2 B.Randolph-1.25x1.75 T.May  PORTRAIT: TODD MAY : TODD MAY lm-team 1995 APS-GPB Group Photo-2007 GP-B Team-120908-wborder
GP-B Team-093005