GP-B Facilities
clean box  This is a picture of the SIA ( Space Instrument Assembly) quartz block being placed inside a special cleaning cabinet, located in one of HEPL's clean rooms. gas center  Gas distribution management center in HEPL labs. cleanroom  HEPL's Class 10 clean room being vacuumed out soon after construction. empty HEPL  HEPL labs, empty, prior to the construction of the labs and clean rooms required by GP-B.  Before 1988, at least. Via Palou Street at Stanford  Looking down Via Palou Street at Stanford, the Gravity Probe B building is on the left, and the W.W. Hansen Experimental Physics Lab, where much of the GP-B technology was developed, is on the right. Gravity Probe B Building  The Gravity Probe B building at Stanford University. GP-B Building at Stanford  Stanford University, with the two-story Gravity Probe B building in the left foreground and Stanford's Hoover Tower in the background.
HEPL  Stanford University W. W. Hansen Experimental Physics Lab (HEPL), where much of the Gravity Probe B technology was designed and built. outside FISTOps2  Corridor between FISTOps and the class 100 clean room. outside FISTOps  Outside of FISTOps, inside of the HEPL building. nitrogen distribution  GP-B Cryogenic gases distribution center. readout lab  The SQUID readout lab in the HEPL building. The plastic walls form a temporary "clean" environment over the lab benches. HEPL2  View of the empty supply yard directly in front of HEPL labs. einstein sign  The project sign located in front of the Mission Operations Module at Stanford.
cleanroom-hires  HEPL's Class 10 clean room being vacuumed out soon after construction.