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 This is  a micrograph of a microchip located on the SQUIDs (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device) The chip was produced using a technology called    Prototype SQUID with open box and readout cable.  The Experiment Control Unit (ECU) on a test bench at Lockheed Martin in Palo Alto, CA.  This is an open prototype of a SQUID. (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device) These devices are used to track the infintesimal changes in the gyroscope that would indicate a change in space-time.   This is a micrograph of the lithographed circuitry in the heart of the SQUID readout system.

Spring 1991  This is the electronic control box that runs the SQUID readout devices for the gyroscopes.  This is an image of the internal components of a prototype SQUID (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device)  Highly magnified view of the readout-wires on the rim of the quartz gyroscope housing. The soldered wires lead to the SQUID systems.