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Gravity Probe B

Testing Einstein's Universe


Fact Sheet - Quick facts and numbers about GP-B

In A Nutshell - 6-page description of GP-B mission

Executive Summary - Summary of GP-B's Final Report submitted to NASA

Final Report - GP-B's Final Report submitted to NASA

GP-B 2004 Launch Companion - A guide to the launch and the mission in 2004

Glossary - The definitions for our scientific language

Scientific Papers - Our collection of the detailed science and techonology of the mission


Press Releases - Press releases announcing events and accomplishments

GP-B in the News - Articles about Gravity Probe B


Educator's Guide - a 40-page guide to the history, science and technology of this mission and an introduction to Einstein's theory of curved spacetime

GP-B Lithograph Set - Each set contains nine 8" x 10" cards detailing a specific aspect of the GP-B mission. On one side is a full-color image; on the other side is a description and explanation.

Powerpoint Presentation - (PDF) Presentation slides used in classrooms and conference presentations.

Spacecraft Model - Construct a paper model of the GP-B satellite

Spacetime Model Instructions - Detailed instructions and a diagram for building a large-scale spandex model to be used with spacetime demonstrations.


Relativity FAQ's - Answers to common questions about relativity

Spinoffs from GP-B - Find out about several technological spinoffs from GP-B

Related Links - Explore other web sites related to relativity, Einstein, and Gravity Probe B